Vata Soothing Potato Leek Soup!

Warm up this Vata Winter Season with a bowl of steaming hot, dairy-free Organic Potato Leek Soup! A super easy and delicious recipe, this root based soup will ground and sooth Vata in a season filled with cold, dry and rough elements that aggravate Vata. Enjoy! Ingredients: 1 lb of organic red potatoes or whiteContinue reading “Vata Soothing Potato Leek Soup!”

Avoid Amoebas – Neti Nightmare…

Please use Distilled Water for your Neti Rinses and not Tap Water. In light of recent events involving the death of two people who used tap water to cleanse their sinuses with their Neti pot, it is important to adhere to Neti pot recommendations and use Distilled Water and Not Tap Water for rinsing. Interestingly,Continue reading “Avoid Amoebas – Neti Nightmare…”

Ayurvedic Beeno!

Feeling bloated from holiday parties? Greasy, fried and raw foods are known to increase Gas in the body, aggravate Vata dosha and result in significant gastric upset. Well, Ayurveda has a 5,000 year old solution to this problem – the Herb “Hing.“ Also known by its latin name of “Ferula assafoetida” or “Asafoetida,” this herb worksContinue reading “Ayurvedic Beeno!”

Culinary Spices & The Doshas!

Ayurveda views food as medicine. Spices are particularly beneficial for our health but need to be adjusted according to our doshic constitution. This brief video outlines a host of everyday culinary spices with great suggestions on how Ayurveda would use them for each dosha.  *Please note that Yellow Mustard Seeds are Less Pungent than Brown/BlackContinue reading “Culinary Spices & The Doshas!”

Twinkies for Breakfast?

Hey Folks – Here’s your Sweet Wake up Call! The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has recently put out another excellent food and health review. This time it’s about the amount of sugar in our cereals. Now, in Ayurveda, most cereals are drying and processed and will aggravate the Vata dosha. Some cereals, however are closerContinue reading “Twinkies for Breakfast?”

Debate’s On! Integrative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Greetings Ayurvedic Enthusiasts! Here is a Very interesting video I came across on the debate between Integrative Medicine and Conventional Medicine. It features well-known alternative medicine practitioner Dr. Weil and internest/sports medicinist Dr. Steven Knope. I am not promoting either practitioner here, but instead am fascinated by the fact that Integrative Medicine has boomed overContinue reading “Debate’s On! Integrative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine”

Ayurvedic Robitussin!

Cough, Cold or Approaching Flu? Try a cup of this simple, yet elegant Ayurvedic tea. It has Lemon – to alkalize the blood, Ginger – to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, kill germs (and much more), Turmeric – as a natural anti-biotic, Tulsi leaves – which expel mucous, bacteria, aid lungs, coughs and respiratory disorders,  GheeContinue reading “Ayurvedic Robitussin!”