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Amazing Yoga Website!


I wanted to share this wonderful Yoga website with you all! It has fantastic blogs, featured teachers, illustrations of Sun Salutations, Non-profit fundraising for Yoga Outreach programs and more. Check it out and drop me a comment about it ~ I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!


Ayurveda at The Tubby Olive!

Greetings Veda Health Fans!

I had the unique and wonderful opportunity last week to be a guest chef at The Tubby Olive, purveyor of organic and natural gourmet oils, vinegars and spices. 

This was an amazing venue to discuss healthy living, nutritious food and healing Ayurveda all while enjoying some fresh, organic and nourishing Vegan Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms. =)

I’d like to thank The Tubby Olive and The Newtown Patch for all of their support and making this wonderful program possible. &

Namaste & Blessings, 


More Fabulous Cheffing Photos!        



Ayurvedic Webinars!

Esteemed Ayurvedic Guru Dr. Vasant Lad is now offering online webinars!

Please visit his site to check out upcoming seminars.



Eat Like A Bird!

Well, Folks –

It’s 2012 & Time to Regroup, Recenter & Refocus!

Let’s lighten up our meals and teach our body to love more whole foods in their natural, unprocessed form. This includes incorporating more seeds, nuts and whole grains into our daily diet. Learning How to has some great suggestions for us to mimic our fine feathered friends and eat more like a bird. Enjoy!

Learning How To 

Eat Like A Bird