Fabulous Garlic Confit!

Good Morning Garlic Lovers! If you’re not already aware of the amazing health benefits of garlic, you are most likely aware of its lovely pungent aroma and flavor.  Ayurveda views Garlic with the gunas (qualities) of katu (pungent) and tamasic (heavy, grounding, earthy). In a Yogic path, yogis abstain from tamasic food such as garlicContinue reading “Fabulous Garlic Confit!”

Introducing The Cookwell Chef!

Greetings Wellness Comunity! Veda Health is expanding her culinary services and now offering The Cookwell Chef for your convenience. If’ you’re interested in improving your health through diet and wellness but pressed for time, try Veda Health’s new Personal Chef Experience. Visit http://www.cookwellchef.wordpress.com for full details and begin to Cookwell today!

Ayurveda for Stress!

Good Morning All! Are you stressed today? Do you feel like your breath is shallow, head is full of thoughts and body is exhausted? Are you juggling work, friends, homelife and finances with difficulty? If so, then you might be suffering from Adrenal Stress depletion. Ayurveda and Yoga are long known to be effective for regulatingContinue reading “Ayurveda for Stress!”