Please Read My New Holistic Articles!

Hi All! I’ve recently acquired my own webpage as the SF Holistic Living Editor at I get to post informative articles and reach a global audience – But, I need your help to get things started.  If you could take 2 seconds to click on the link below and read my short article, theContinue reading “Please Read My New Holistic Articles!”

Arnica – A Deeper Look

Amidst the mountainous regions of Europe and the Northwestern United States, a yellow-petalled perennial flower holds the power of true bruise-healing wonder. Arnica montana, one of 25 species of flowering plants in the Asteraceae family, is an herbal gem for medicinal uses in Ayurveda, European folk medicines and homeopathy. Commonly known as mountain tobacco and wolf’sContinue reading “Arnica – A Deeper Look”

Officially Organic?

Some alarming news for the field of Organic Agriculture has come to light in an ongoing search for the authenticity of organic food. Peter Townsley, former president of a California Liquid Fertilizer, Gonzales, California was indicted last year for scheming to defraud purchasers of organic fertilizers and the approval agency, by falsely representing his company’s fertilizerContinue reading “Officially Organic?”

The Blood Type Diet!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Blood Type Diet (BTD). Here is an extremely interesting analysis of a Blood Type O individual from Dr. D’Adamo’s website.  There are actually many parallels in this diet to Ayurveda. Taking Blood Type O for example – They have classic Pitta type characteristics: decisive, organized, goal-oriented, practical, aggressive, fighters, proneContinue reading “The Blood Type Diet!”