Super Sonica!

Dr. Sonica Krishan is a wonderful Ayurvedic Practitioner and my Co-Editor at  Here is an excellent article of hers regarding the many facets of Ayurveda. Enjoy! Eight Branches of Disease Management in Ayurveda By Dr. Sonica Krishan Ayurveda, the science of natural well being and longevity, aims at maintaining natural fitness and welfare andContinue reading “Super Sonica!”

Superb Sunchokes!

Sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem Artichokes, are an excellent substitute for potatoes and a good source of inulin and vitamin C. They make a great vegetable for Kapha constitutions as an alternative to heavier root veggies but are best for Vata and Pitta. Their source of inulin, is more easily digested by diabetics and providesContinue reading “Superb Sunchokes!”

C-Ya Cigarette Anxiety!

Too many people suffer from tobacco addiction. We applaud those of you who have ditched cigarettes/cigars/pipes, etc. ! In many cases, you might be experiencing a bit of withdrawal anxiety during your recovery. This unique article by Ayurvedic proponent Alex Duncan discusses how Vata aggravation requires rebalancing once the crutch of tobacco is discarded… “IContinue reading “C-Ya Cigarette Anxiety!”