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The BIG “K”- Vitamin K!



Cabbage is Ahead of the Game!

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cabbage rolls 2 New Website URL!

Hi All!

Veda Health has a new website url for 2013!! 

Now you can remember our website more easily.

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Cabbage Fever!


Cabbage is a great winter vegetable and a true friend to a healthy colon. Offering significant amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber, cabbages are thought to help reduce your risk of cancer according to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Cabbage can be aggravating to Vata dosha so be sure to use a pinch of Hing (asafoetida) to reduce gas and bloating. Kaphas will benefit from eating this non-starchy, slightly bitter green. Pittas, eat cabbages in moderation.

Here’s a brief article on the benefits of cabbage. Check back to Veda Health for my article on the different types of cabbage and their nutrition benefits!

Acupressure for Stress Relief!

Holiday Macaroon Joy!


My New Favorite Kitchen Tool!

Hi Folks, 

My new favorite kitchen tool is the Julienne Peeler! (and not just because it has my name in it =)

It helps keep the skin on organic produce so they remain nutrient rich and slice easily into julienne strips. 

For winter, make sure to sautee these colorful beauties shown in this easy demo video by Dr. Sherri’s Kitchen or add them to soups in this Winter Season with warm, Vata-Reducing Spices like curry powder, cumin or garam masala.