Chandra Namaskara…Nite Nite Moon

Chandra Namaskara is the Moon Salutation It is a beautiful, expressive series of asanas that is performed slowly and with great attention to detail. Chandra Namaskara is often performed at night to prepare the body for bed or early morning before sunrise, if the body prefers a gentler series of movements. The moon is aContinue reading “Chandra Namaskara…Nite Nite Moon”!

Good Morning Veda Health! I’d like to introduce you today to the Amazing website for Holistic information for which I am a new Holistic Advisor! It is a wonderful depot where you have easy access to hundreds of articles on Health and Wellness topics! is the brainchild of Kevin Burke, who through hisContinue reading “!”

Cutting salt could save hundreds of thousands of lives, study says…

By Melissa HealyFebruary 11, 2013, 4:45 p.m. Steadily reducing sodium in the foods we buy and eat could save a half-million Americans from dying premature deaths over a decade, says a new study. And a more abrupt reduction to 2,200 milligrams per day–a 40% drop from current levels–could boost the tally of lives saved over 10 yearsContinue reading “Cutting salt could save hundreds of thousands of lives, study says…”

Celiac Gluten Allergy vs. Gluten Intolerance!

As Promised… 11/13/2012 – Going gluten-free seems to be the newest dietary trend that many people are following, even if it is not mandatory for one’s health. This trend was brought on by an increased number of cases of celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity, also referred to as gluten intolerance. Both diagnoses come withContinue reading “Celiac Gluten Allergy vs. Gluten Intolerance!”

10 Signs You’re Gluten Intolerant…

So, you Love Bread but it makes you feel Bloated, Heavy and causes digestive upset… Well, you might  be Gluten Intolerant. Dr. Myers outlines some key signs that gluten might be a problem in your diet. *One important note I’d like to make is that there is a BIG difference between Gluten Intolerance and GlutenContinue reading “10 Signs You’re Gluten Intolerant…”

2 New Holistic Hours in February!

Thanks to our overwhelming requests for more Holistic Hour, we will be hosting 2 sessions in February! Both sessions will cover Spring Cleanses. Register for the session that best meets your scheduling needs! Call 215-968-9750 to Register. I look forward to seeing you all then! Namaste,  Julie

7 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2013!

Click HERE to see the Text for Each of these Projected Trends for 2013! By Jason Wachob Start Slideshow » 7 images What an amazing time to be in wellness! We’re in the initial stages of a giant shift in the way health is perceived globally. This year I saw some exciting new trends: the gluten-free lifestyleContinue reading “7 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2013!”