Savasana By The Sea…!

Om Shanti Veda Healthies,  Check out this wonderful opportunity for a Yoga Retreat by the Sea hosted by my friend and fellow Yoga instructor Shelley Fisher! What a beautiful way to find some inner peace and attune with nature. If you’re seeking balance or centering then this may be just what you need. Thanks forContinue reading “Savasana By The Sea…!”

The Truth About Natural Toothpaste…

Good Morning Veda Healthies! Here is an intro article on how many ingredients in even “natural” toothpastes can be harmful to our health. The author points out some oral care suggestions and the caveats they might have. Hope you enjoy the info! Namaste,  Julie The Truth About Natural Toothpaste What you should know about toothpasteContinue reading “The Truth About Natural Toothpaste…”

Top ten healthy reasons to eat chocolate!

Well folks, today’s fun healthy post involves a subject I know to be near and dear to many of your hearts, CHOCOLATE! Although chocolate is not specifically recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners, the health benefits of natural, pure coco bean are acknowledged. But, skip the fatty, sugary, processed bars and instead try organic, dark chocolate cocoContinue reading “Top ten healthy reasons to eat chocolate!”

Fibromyalgia @!

Fibromyalgia What causes Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)? Is Fibromyalgia Syndrome an autoimmune condition? What other medical conditions are associated with FMS? What are the conventional treatments for FMS? Holistic Health Therapies for Fibromyalgia Getting a Holistic Based Evaluation Nutritional Recommendations Promoting Intestinal Health Supplementing Naturally Supplements that Boost Energy to the Cell Supplements that Help BoostContinue reading “Fibromyalgia @!”

The Sweet Sting of Agave…

Well folks, Veda Health just touched upon the high fructose content and heavy processing of Agave syrup, but here are some great articles to delve further into the issue. I’ve included some highlights with excerpts from each article to help understand the basics of why most manufactured (but not all) agave is not a goodContinue reading “The Sweet Sting of Agave…”

Help Veda Health Reach 1,000 followers!

Veda Health is trying to attain 1,000 followers! If you’ve read our multidimensional blog, then you know we share insight from Holistic Living, Nutrition, Fitness, Ayurveda, Acupressure, Food Safety, Yoga, Natural Body Care and much, much more! Please share our blog with your friends, family, coworkers and social buddies. Just direct them to and  encourage themContinue reading “Help Veda Health Reach 1,000 followers!”

Amazing Acu-Yoga!

 Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 7:00 PM    126 North State Street, Newtown PA 18940  See map Love Yoga? Come try this Amazing Restorative Energy Yoga that incorporates Acupressure points and Asanas. Acu-Yoga is a great way to remove energy blockages in the body and stimulate self-healing. In this class, you will learn about the meridians of the bodyContinue reading “Amazing Acu-Yoga!”

Consumers should have the right to know if they are eating GM food…

Hey Folks, Just an interesting article on one person’s perspective of the GMO labeling issue. Food for thought…Enjoy. =)   A sign supporting the unsuccessful Proposition 37 ballot in 2012 which called for the mandatory labelling of GM foods in California. Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images The consumer right to information about food must over-ride debateContinue reading “Consumers should have the right to know if they are eating GM food…”

Bravery with Breast Cancer

Today, we take pause to admire women and men who have bravely fought breast cancer and won. There is a current controversy on Facebook regarding women posting photos of their bodies post mastectomy. This article discusses how it now appears that the ban on sharing these photos and stories about breast cancer and mastectomies isContinue reading “Bravery with Breast Cancer”

The Top 5 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses

  5 yoga poses for weight loss, plus 4 yoga styles for keeping fit   Philip Knox & Devin Thomas Can you use yoga for weight loss? Yes! Losing weight isn’t easy for anyone but, with the right attitude, you can make a real difference in how you look and feel. These fat-burning yoga poses will help kick-start your metabolismContinue reading “The Top 5 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses”

8 Foods People Think Are Healthy (But May Not Be)…

Well, this article is originally called 8 Foods People Think Are Healthy (But Aren’t). However, I have a couple of notes on it so I changed the (). Firstly, it’s a great article with lots of helpful points. Overall, I agree with how limiting or avoiding these 8 food suggestions can help improve our health,Continue reading “8 Foods People Think Are Healthy (But May Not Be)…”