5 Things About Yoga That Just Aren’t True (And The Cats To Prove It)

Huff Post You know, you know. There are so many benefits of yoga: It can relieve stress and anxiety. It cansoothe your headaches. It can even make you smarter. But for first-timers, yoga can be absolutely intimidating. Those virtuoso yogis always seem to be balancing on their heads while playing a ukulele in one hand and writing poetry with the other.Continue reading “5 Things About Yoga That Just Aren’t True (And The Cats To Prove It)”

Slaughterhouse Safety Ignored…What’s in Your Bacon?

Morning Veda Healthies,  This year’s report on the safety and humane slaughter of Pigs is frightening. Bruce Friedrick, Sr. Director for Strategic Initiatives and Farm Sanctuary, discusses the numerous violations in pig slaughterhouses and the food contamination that results. For Veda Health followers eating meat, this is an important issue to address for your diet.Continue reading “Slaughterhouse Safety Ignored…What’s in Your Bacon?”

Let’s talk about FAT…Part I – Snacking

Greetings Veda Healthies! This is the first of a series of articles on one of our most challenging subjects, FAT. Most of us struggle to keep our digestion in check, our metabolism at its highest and fat in low amounts on our body frame. Well, if you have ever wondered about the frequency of mealsContinue reading “Let’s talk about FAT…Part I – Snacking”

Savory Sunflower Seed Dressing with Herbs!

Veda Healthies! Here’s your chance to put living food into action. This sunflower dressing recipe gets even better if you soak the seeds overnight in a drop of lemon juice to remove the phytic acid and begin the germination process for the seeds. Also, swap out the agave for some maple syrup or palm sugarContinue reading “Savory Sunflower Seed Dressing with Herbs!”

Carob – The Chocolate Substitute!

A recent comment on the chocolate posting led me to post some info on natural Carob. Here are 2 articles that help outline some of its benefits. Highlights include using Carob as a substitute for Chocolate for those who are intolerant or on a diet. Thanks Tia! The Many Health Benefits of Carob to theContinue reading “Carob – The Chocolate Substitute!”