Calling all Laughs…

Laughing is one of life’s greatest joys!

But did you know that laughing helps reduce stress and boost immunity?

A Midwestern study of 33 healthy adult women who watched humorous videos and then had their non-specific immune cells tested, showed an increase in the activation of Natural Killer (NK) cells. NK cell activity is critical for fighting off many diseases.

Women also had their mirthful laughter measured by the Humor Response Scale and showed a statistically significant reduction in stress and those who scored greater than 25 on the humor response scale had increased immune function postintervention. 

SO, since LAUGHING is so Great for you, WHAT DO YOU LAUGH ABOUT?

Veda Health wants to know what makes you giggle so feel free to post & comment your funniest moments. *Oh, and keep it clean for the PG audience. 🙂

Namaste & Blessings, 


2 thoughts on “Calling all Laughs…

  1. Hi Julie

    I hope all is well with you! Havent seen you in ages!!! I created a fundraiser to benefit Meghans Foundation and would you please post it on your website . Real simple $11 on Nov 11th The details are in the press release. Thanks so much



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