Individual Consultations

purple-flower-up-close-dana.jpg Veda Holistic Health Consultation Package

Initial 75min & 1st Followup 30min

Contact to Schedule

Initial consultations are typically 75 min long, wherein your health and wellness concerns are thoroughly discussed, your diet, lifestyle and exercise choices are explored, and a unique, Personal Consultation Wellness Plan (PCP) is developed by Dr. Julie Cerrato PhD, your Veda Health practitioner. Ayurvedic pulse, tongue analysis and a physical attribute assessment are used to determine your bodily constitution and the root of any imbalances. In addition to receiving a PCP, a 30 min follow-up consult is included in this package and you will have further support via email access to your practitioner for the duration of your wellness plan.

Personal Consultation Wellness Plan (PCP)

The PCP may include one or more of the following Ayurvedic Practices:

  • Doshic Constitution
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Daily & Seasonal Routine
  • Exercise Regimen
  • Yoga
  • Pranayama (Breath work)
  • Herbal or Essential oils
  • Ayurvedic Treatments
  • Herbal Formula $

IMG_1407“Ayur-Tips” Consultation 

 Single 30 min Telehealth Consult

  Package of 3 Consults

Contact to Schedule  

Interested in what Ayurveda is or how it can improve your life?  Veda Health offers “Ayur-Tips” consults to provide you with an introduction to Holistic Living. In these consults, explore Ayurveda, seasonal eating, a healing lifestyle and nutrition tips to help you begin your holistic health journey. Ayur-Tips is also a great way to learn about a personal yoga experience, pranayama and essential oils.

IMG_1610Follow-up Ayurvedic Consultations 

Single 45 min Telehealth Consult

Contact to Schedule

Ayurvedic wellness and personal growth extend beyond the first consultation. An initial consultation will provide you with a solid introduction and path to Ayurveda and create positive life changes.  Follow-up appointments are highly encouraged to maintain your newfound wellness and make adjustments in your PCP wellness plan to further improve your health.

87452883Culinary Meal Plan & Ayurvedic Consultation 

Single In Person 45 min Consult + Meal Plan

Holistic living is a journey of mind, soul and body. Eating for your doshic constitution is paramount to make triad healthy. Veda Health is now offering the Ayurvedic Culinary Meal Planning customized to your doshic needs. With this unique service, you will experience a custom phone or in person consultation to discuss your doshic imbalances and a 12 day seasons, Ayurvedic meal plan. If you struggle with eating healthy or wish to understand how Ayurveda can improve your well-being with food as medicine, this is a wonderful way to experience Ayurveda through culinary eyes. Contact Veda Health today to begin your journey!

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