Workplace Wellness

Corporate yogaSeeking Wellness in the Workplace? 

Well-Being IHC can help! We offer a comprehensive Wellness program for your employes, Online Health Coaching, e-Tools and Webinars. Voluntary and completely confidential, our program offers a unique, individualized health resource for daily wellness.

Why Incorporate a WB-IHC Corporate Wellness Program?

  • Unique Health Resource for Employees
  • Voluntary & Confidential
  • Increase Work Productivity
  • Foster a Positive Work Environment
  • Save on average $2.30 to $10.10 for every $1 spent on Employee Wellness Programs

We cover a wide range of Health Risk Topics:                                                                                                         

We use Biometrics to accurately assess your current health:

We focus on both Individual and Group Health:

Peruse Our Brochure and Contact Well-Being IHC today for your Free Office Consultation:


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