New! 30% off WholesomeOne Natural Health Products

Om Shanti Veda Healthies! It’s great to be in touch with you all again, and just in time to give You an Exclusive Holiday Special for a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit! As you know, I am a Director of Health at, a Unique Natural Health website whose mission is to help people find naturalContinue reading “New! 30% off WholesomeOne Natural Health Products”

Calling all Laughs…

Laughing is one of life’s greatest joys! But did you know that laughing helps reduce stress and boost immunity? A Midwestern study of 33 healthy adult women who watched humorous videos and then had their non-specific immune cells tested, showed an increase in the activation of Natural Killer (NK) cells. NK cell activity is criticalContinue reading “Calling all Laughs…”

We need Your VOTES!

Greetings Loyal Veda Healthies! As some of you may know, I am Director of Health at the Incredible Holistic Health Website and we need you!  Our esteemed leader, Kevin Burke, has recently entered WholesomeOne into a grant competition. We’re just short of 250 votes needed to advance to the next round & would love your help gettingContinue reading “We need Your VOTES!”

My Wholesome 1 Exercise for Fibromyalgia Video!

Hi Veda Healthies! If you suffer from aches, pain and soreness or have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you might wonder if you can ever exercise again? Well, the answer is YES!  Fibromyalgia sufferers can actually benefit from slow, controlled physical activity and moderate exercise. Check out my informative video for some great ideas and optionsContinue reading “My Wholesome 1 Exercise for Fibromyalgia Video!”

The Calming Breath – Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (nah-dee show-DAH-nah)  nadi = channel shodhana = cleaning, purifying Step by Step Sit in a comfortable asana and make Mrigi Mudra. Beginning pranayama students may have some difficulty holding their raised arm in position for the length of the practice. You can put a bolster across your legs and use it to support yourContinue reading “The Calming Breath – Nadi Shodhana”

My New Fibromyalgia Video!

Hi Veda Healthies! Here is the first in a series of my WholesomeOne Conditions Health Videos. I’m so excited to introduce you to this unique format of health information for a Holistic Approach to Fibromyalgia. Please click on the link or photo & OPEN the NUTRITION Tab. Watch, share and enjoy! Namaste,  Julie

Red Palm Fruit Oil vs. Palm Kernel Oil

Why You Should Give Red Palm Oil a Try By Bryce Wylde, Alternative Health Expert Added to Articles on Wed 01/02/2013 The health benefits of olive oil have been touted for many hundreds of years. More recently, coconut oil has become all the rage and hailed by many as the king of oils. But, whatever oil you choose – whether it’s olive, coconut, almond,Continue reading “Red Palm Fruit Oil vs. Palm Kernel Oil”

I’m on Veria TV Tomorrow!!

Hi Veda Healthies! My Guest Ayurveda Holistic Cooking Spot on Veria TV Will Air Tomorrow, 11/12/2013  7pm Eastern Time It’s The Ayurveda Episode of Naturally Beautiful with Nitika Chopra. Ask your local Cable provider what channel is Veria or Sign Up for a FREE TRIAL ONLINE at  And Watch Me Tomorrow! xoxoxo Jewels