Free Fall Offers: Intro Phone Consult & Fall Holistic Tips!

September is here! Vata season is upon us, but are you ready? Currently, we are in Ritusandhi, the change of seasons where Summer is transitioning to Fall. You might begin feeling a little dry, sluggish and cold. Veda Heath can help keep you balanced and healthy for the upcoming season! For a smooth transition toContinue reading “Free Fall Offers: Intro Phone Consult & Fall Holistic Tips!”

Tapping for your Health!

What You Need To Know About Tapping: A Free & Easy Stress Buster BY JESSICA ORTNER APRIL 1, 2013 12:26 PM EDT I’m fully aware that tapping on different points of your body looks a bit… well… weird! The first time I learned Tapping, I couldn’t help but think of a monkey when I had toContinue reading “Tapping for your Health!”

Help Veda Health Reach 1,000 followers!

Veda Health is trying to attain 1,000 followers! If you’ve read our multidimensional blog, then you know we share insight from Holistic Living, Nutrition, Fitness, Ayurveda, Acupressure, Food Safety, Yoga, Natural Body Care and much, much more! Please share our blog with your friends, family, coworkers and social buddies. Just direct them to and  encourage themContinue reading “Help Veda Health Reach 1,000 followers!”

Panchakarma Treatment for Facial paralysis Written by Dr Ram Mani Bhandari | December 16, 2012 | 2 Facial paralysis Facial nerve is the 7th Cranial nerve and Bell’s palsy is a kind of facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of this cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve). This leads to inability to control facial muscles on the affected side. There are many other conditions which canContinue reading “Panchakarma Treatment for Facial paralysis”

Fast Facial Acupressure!

As many of you know, I have an Acupressure certification and teach Acu-Yoga. I love supporting the two and presenting unique ways to increase our daily health by stimulating Chi and Prana throughout our bodies. Above is a great mini-video from one of my favorite Health Channels, Below is my link to The UltimateContinue reading “Fast Facial Acupressure!”

RISING STARS IN THE HEALTH AND FITNESS BLOGOSPHERE: 9 health and fitness bloggers who will entertain, inform, and inspire the world in 2012

Love this! RISING STARS IN THE HEALTH AND FITNESS BLOGOSPHERE: 9 health and fitness bloggers who will entertain, inform, and inspire the world in 2012.

Please Read My New Holistic Articles!

Hi All! I’ve recently acquired my own webpage as the SF Holistic Living Editor at I get to post informative articles and reach a global audience – But, I need your help to get things started.  If you could take 2 seconds to click on the link below and read my short article, theContinue reading “Please Read My New Holistic Articles!”