Free Fall Offers: Intro Phone Consult & Fall Holistic Tips!

September is here! Vata season is upon us, but are you ready? Currently, we are in Ritusandhi, the change of seasons where Summer is transitioning to Fall. You might begin feeling a little dry, sluggish and cold. Veda Heath can help keep you balanced and healthy for the upcoming season! For a smooth transition toContinue reading “Free Fall Offers: Intro Phone Consult & Fall Holistic Tips!”

The First Stem-Cell, Muscle Fiber Grown Hamburger!

It Lacked Juiciness, Says The Person Who Ate The First Stem-Cell Hamburger, But It’s ‘Definitely Meat’ PHOTO BY Christopher Stumm By Alok Jha, AlterNet World’s first synthetic hamburger gets high marks for “mouth feel.” All it took was a little butter and sunflower oil and, in less than 10 minutes, the world’s most expensive burger, grown fromContinue reading “The First Stem-Cell, Muscle Fiber Grown Hamburger!”

Slaughterhouse Safety Ignored…What’s in Your Bacon?

Morning Veda Healthies,  This year’s report on the safety and humane slaughter of Pigs is frightening. Bruce Friedrick, Sr. Director for Strategic Initiatives and Farm Sanctuary, discusses the numerous violations in pig slaughterhouses and the food contamination that results. For Veda Health followers eating meat, this is an important issue to address for your diet.Continue reading “Slaughterhouse Safety Ignored…What’s in Your Bacon?”

Help Veda Health Reach 1,000 followers!

Veda Health is trying to attain 1,000 followers! If you’ve read our multidimensional blog, then you know we share insight from Holistic Living, Nutrition, Fitness, Ayurveda, Acupressure, Food Safety, Yoga, Natural Body Care and much, much more! Please share our blog with your friends, family, coworkers and social buddies. Just direct them to and  encourage themContinue reading “Help Veda Health Reach 1,000 followers!”

Truly Free Range Eggs: Healthy, Nutritious, Anti-Inflammatory!

FIT & FED by MARY on JULY 2, 2012 Two eggs from a local truly free range flock toward top of bowl, two ‘free range’ organic eggs from Trader Joe’s toward bottom of bowl. If you buy organic or cage-free eggs for a healthier, more ethically-produced product, take a second look at where your eggs are comingContinue reading “Truly Free Range Eggs: Healthy, Nutritious, Anti-Inflammatory!”

5 Reasons to avoid CAFO cows!

5 Reasons to avoid CAFO cows! Click Here to View the list of Reasons! ANIMAL ADVOCACY MARCH 27, 2013 BY: JULIE CERRATO Subscribe   Customers frequenting the meat and dairy sections of local grocers will inevitably encounter products from concentrated animal feeding operations known as CAFOs. Since 1976, when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defined large-scale industrial agricultural facilitiesContinue reading “5 Reasons to avoid CAFO cows!”