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Acu-Yoga is a unique Alternative Health Modality that combines the benefits of the Chinese practice of Acupressure with the Indian practice of Yoga.  It was developed by Michael Reed Gach, Master  Acupressurist in California.  Both systems aim to reduce mental and physical stress, balance the mind  and body and remove blockages in energy flow throughout the body.  Acupressure functions through a system of points on the surface of the skin and energy channels called meridians.  In the traditional Chinese practice, this life force energy is called “Chi” and in the Indian Yogic tradition, it is called “Prana.”  Acu-Yoga manipulates Chi and Prana by integrating Yogic postures called “Asanas” and Acupressure points through the use of the breath. Come enjoy this new, exciting form of Yoga today!




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