Free Fall Offers: Intro Phone Consult & Fall Holistic Tips!

September is here! Vata season is upon us, but are you ready? Currently, we are in Ritusandhi, the change of seasons where Summer is transitioning to Fall. You might begin feeling a little dry, sluggish and cold. Veda Heath can help keep you balanced and healthy for the upcoming season! For a smooth transition toContinue reading “Free Fall Offers: Intro Phone Consult & Fall Holistic Tips!”

7 Fitness Tips

MY FITNESS ADVICE SUMMARIZED IN 7 TIPS THURSDAY AUG 22, 2013 | BY FREDERIC PATENAUDE Both Kevin and I have noticed that our readers seem to have less interest in fitness than in other topics, like diet. But this puzzles us because fitness is just as important for health as nutrition is, and our readers areContinue reading “7 Fitness Tips”

Help Veda Health Reach 1,000 followers!

Veda Health is trying to attain 1,000 followers! If you’ve read our multidimensional blog, then you know we share insight from Holistic Living, Nutrition, Fitness, Ayurveda, Acupressure, Food Safety, Yoga, Natural Body Care and much, much more! Please share our blog with your friends, family, coworkers and social buddies. Just direct them to and  encourage themContinue reading “Help Veda Health Reach 1,000 followers!”

The Top 5 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses

  5 yoga poses for weight loss, plus 4 yoga styles for keeping fit   Philip Knox & Devin Thomas Can you use yoga for weight loss? Yes! Losing weight isn’t easy for anyone but, with the right attitude, you can make a real difference in how you look and feel. These fat-burning yoga poses will help kick-start your metabolismContinue reading “The Top 5 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses”

Should You Take A Multivitamin? Benefits & Side Effects…

Should You Take A Multivitamin? Benefits & Side Effects by Dr. Charlie Seltzer, MD | April 30, 2013 | Updated: May 6, 2013 | 23 comments Put simply, a multivitamin is a nutritional supplement that includes a combination of vitamins, and often minerals. Vitamins are good for you, right? So it should be a no-brainer: why not take a multivitamin. TheContinue reading “Should You Take A Multivitamin? Benefits & Side Effects…”

Guest Blogger Jim Rollince Provides Tips to Whip Us into Shape for the Holiday Season!

Autumn-Proof Thighs, Butt, Arms and Abs Jim Rollince is a member of the creating writing department of Gym Source  He enjoys writing about Fitness, Nutrition, and many other related topics. As the cold weather of autumn sets in, many women shy away from exercise; however, as autumn goodies bring extra pounds, Exercise becomes essential toContinue reading “Guest Blogger Jim Rollince Provides Tips to Whip Us into Shape for the Holiday Season!”

Feelin’ Good Fascia

Fascia is connective tissue that attaches our tendons to our bones. It is often under stretched and frequently the site of inflammation and injury. Check out this great article on fascia and stretching techniques. Namaste! Active Isolated Fascial Stretching By Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA How would you like to empower patients to increase coordination,Continue reading “Feelin’ Good Fascia”