Guest Blogger Jim Rollince Provides Tips to Whip Us into Shape for the Holiday Season!

Autumn-Proof Thighs, Butt, Arms and Abs

Jim Rollince is a member of the creating writing department of Gym Source
 He enjoys writing about Fitness, Nutrition, and many other related topics.

As the cold weather of autumn sets in, many women shy away from exercise; however, as autumn goodies bring extra pounds, Exercise becomes essential to reverse the effects. Exercise is a matter of health, youth, life, and of being able to eat extra sweets come the autumn season! An ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure. Hitting the snooze button to stay under warm blankets will cost you come bikini season, so shape-up and get fit this season!

For many women, the stomach, triceps, buttocks and inner thighs are the trickiest to work out. Choosing exercises to target those areas ensures success. With the autumn months, women are pleasantly surprised to find the cooler weather offers substantial benefits. Try these simple exercises to keep your fitness with you at all times, wherever you are.

Hip raises

Hip raises are a simple yet effective move that will whip your glutes, butt, and lower abs into shape. To do this move, you simply lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Your arms should be at your sides with your palms to the floor, and your legs should create a ninety-degree angle. You’ll then lift your pelvis off the floor vertebrae by vertebrae. The more controlled and steady the motion is, the more effective it will be at engaging your abdomen and spinal muscles. Lift as high as possible without arching your back, and lower yourself slowly to the ground.


Running is a fabulous way to workout—it burns about 500 calories per hour, it tones the entire body and it’s wonderful for the heart amongst other benefits. With the colors of leaves and other fauna changing, autumn is an exquisite time to run. In addition, the cooler weather means less sweat. This alone makes running outdoors a benefit. Also, because of the cooler weather, the body will actually expend additional calories.

Walking and Squatting

Another fabulous exercise to try in autumn involves a combination of walking and squatting. Because of the coolness of the autumn air, it’s a wonderful time to increase body heat and perform those strenuous exercises that tighten, shape and tone. This is especially true for the legs and buttocks that generally become flabby during this time of year. This exercise strengthens the legs and buttocks as well as strengthening the core. Squats also serve to increase speed while running.


Pushups, and the wide variety they can be done in, can be done outdoors or indoors. They can be done parallel to the ground or at an inverted position. Depending upon the position they’re done in will place greater emphasis on certain muscles over others. For instance, the front clap pushup works out the chest muscles, the staggered pushup places greater emphasis on alternating arms, the incline pushup works out the inferior portion of the chest muscles and the decline pushup works out the shoulders primarily. Park equipment is particularly useful in performing pushups; however, so is gym equipment for days that are chilly.

Need to Stay Inside?

Autumn can offer the best weather to exercise in because it’s cool, but on those rainy and windy days, ellipticals and treadmills can keep up the autumn workout routine. For instance, running and exercise centered on walking and squatting can be performed on the treadmill. Ellipticals offer a great workout minus the impact experienced in other exercises. Also, enjoying the comfort of home gyms bridge the gap on days when exercise cannot occur outdoors and all muscles can be worked out effectively.

Get out there!

Autumn may just be the best season to workout in—its coolness is invigorating, it’s easy on the body by way of sweating and other problems associated with heat and the pleasant scenery serves as a distraction. Autumn exercise is wonderful.


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