Good Morning Veda Health!

I’d like to introduce you today to the Amazing website for Holistic information for which I am a new Holistic Advisor!


It is a wonderful depot where you have easy access to hundreds of articles on Health and Wellness topics!

WholesomeOne.com is the brainchild of Kevin Burke, who through his own personal journey for wellness, decided to take greater control over his condition of Ankylosing Spondylitis and began looking for alternatives. He first found yoga and it changed his life. Soon after, he became deeply committed to helping people find holistic ways to heal from pain and experience good health.

WholesomeOne.com’s mission is to be a website that helps people find holistic ways to heal from pain and experience good health.

At WholesomeOne.com, you can find holistic therapies according to your specific health condition, and shop for holistic health and natural products to promote your personal wellness.

I encourage you to visit WholesomeOne.com and check out the incredible articles reviewed by our Health Advisors.

My specific section is Ayurveda =)  I look forward to sharing valuable content with you!




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  1. Reblogged this on Sushma Shinde reblogs and commented:
    nice ayurveda

  2. Vinnie and Karen says:

    Looking forward to receiving the information you will be sharing. We will take a look at the website. thanks for sharing!

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