Ayurvedic Robitussin!

Cough, Cold or Approaching Flu?

Try a cup of this simple, yet elegant Ayurvedic tea. It has Lemon – to alkalize the blood, Ginger – to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, kill germs (and much more), Turmeric – as a natural anti-biotic, Tulsi leaves – which expel mucous, bacteria, aid lungs, coughs and respiratory disorders,  Ghee – anti-inflammatory and lubricating for the throat and Raw Honey – anti-sceptic, throat soother and cough extinguisher!


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  1. Joan L. Farb says:

    will def try! could you post the written recipe and where do you get the holy basil leaves?

  2. vedahealth says:

    Tulsi or holy basil leaves can be purchased at an indian grocer and possibly whole foods or a health store.
    *If you can’t find the leaves, there is a packaged Tulsi Tea from Organic India that is great and can be found in stores, amazon or http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/.

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