Officially Organic?

Some alarming news for the field of Organic Agriculture has come to light in an ongoing search for the authenticity of organic food. Peter Townsley, former president of a California Liquid Fertilizer, Gonzales, California was indicted last year for scheming to defraud purchasers of organic fertilizers and the approval agency, by falsely representing his company’s fertilizer as an organic product despite knowledge that the product contained prohibited synthetic materials.

This serves as just one of many dishonest attempts by individuals in the organic industry to fool the public. It is shameful that our efforts to truly clean up society and prevent the ingestion of environmental toxins is tarnished by the false actions of industry leaders. I suppose it will only get more challenging to identify trustworthy vendors if this sort of debasing behavior continues. We can only hope that enough regulations will be in place to maintain the good reputation of those with a proven track-record of honesty in the organic trade.

Full Story: westernfarmpress


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