Hungry For Change!

Hey Everyone!

Here is a trailer for a truly dynamic, incredibly interesting EWG video series on changing your lifestyle with food. It is a compilation of many of the leading faces in the Nutrition, Health and Fitness industries. After watching this trailer, I’m curious what the series with bring and what parallels it might have to Ayurveda. 

If you’d like to register for the Free video series, click here.

Check it out!

Namaste & Blessings =)


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  1. Joan L. Farb says:

    thanks for sharing. Ca is at the forefront for change. I keep tabs with the The Center for Ecoliteracy It” makes many of its extended publications available for downloading at no cost. They include Smart by Nature™ downloadable resources; a teacher’s guide for the film Food, Inc., a guide for starting school gardens; the Center’s Rethinking School Lunch Guide; a visual guide to linking food,
    culture, health, and the environment; and a guide to district wellness policies. ” Founded by Fritjov Capra. read his Tao of Physics 35 yrs ago
    Other books since. Takes a systems approach in biiology which makes sense since everything is related on one level or another.

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