veterans yoga

The Veterans Yoga Project,

working with Meghan’s Foundation and the Solebury Club,

is offering a yoga teacher training program,

at the Solebury Club in Buckingham, PA, October 25-27th, 2013.

This program is for all yoga instructors interested in working with students who have faced trauma.  

Honing the special skill set required to work with students who have faced trauma requires

a thorough understanding and special sensitivity of the unique needs of this particular community.


If you, or other instructors you may know, are interested in working with traumatized students,

please sign up for the course by using the link below.

Please pass this opportunity along to those yoga instructors who you think might also be interested.

The registration page is up:


Thom Shortt


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  1. Marilyn K. Robinson says:

    It is BEAUTIFUL, Julie, th

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