Ciabatta Heaven!

Greetings Ciabatta Lovers!

I’ve made the most delectable Veggie Ciabatta ever and I’m going to share the recipe with you all…

1/4 cup Sun-dried Tomatoes drained from oil
1/2 cup Organic Hummus
About 1 cup Steamed Green Cabbage
About 1/2 cup Chopped Mixed Olives & Peppadews
6” Slice of Ciabatta Bread  
3 tbsp Organic Yellow Mustard  
1. Slice Ciabatta into a 6″ long piece, then slice in half crosswise
2. Spread Organic Hummus on one side of bread
3. Spread organic mustard on top of Hummus
3. Chop sundried tomatoes, olives & peppadews in food processor 
4. Spread Olive mixture on other side of bread
5. Steam Cabbage for 2-3min and add it on top of hummus/mustard layer
6. Place Sandwich in a panini maker OR in a skillet.  Place a heavy pan on top of the Ciabatta and heat on medium low until bottom layer flattens.  
7. Flip sandwich and reapply heavy pan until the other side of the bread gets flat.  Voila!

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  1. vedahealth says:

    Wow! I just finished posting the recipe. =) So glad you liked it. Would love to visit your site if you post it. Namaste, Julie

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