Twinkies for Breakfast?

Hey Folks – Here’s your Sweet Wake up Call!

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has recently put out another excellent food and health review. This time it’s about the amount of sugar in our cereals. Now, in Ayurveda, most cereals are drying and processed and will aggravate the Vata dosha. Some cereals, however are closer to the natural form of the food, ie granola cereals and are just fine. Those that are fresh, made of unprocessed whole grains and have dried fruits like Muselix and Kashi types are both tasty and beneficial. 

So check out this website and the full pdf article if you like to see how some of the most common cereals (Cheerios included) have as much sugar as a twinkie or a bag of chips ahoy! 

Best and Worst Cereals – EWG Reports


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