The Blood Type Diet!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Blood Type Diet (BTD).

Here is an extremely interesting analysis of a Blood Type O individual from Dr. D’Adamo’s website. 

There are actually many parallels in this diet to Ayurveda. Taking Blood Type O for example – They have classic Pitta type characteristics: decisive, organized, goal-oriented, practical, aggressive, fighters, prone to anger when imbalanced. They are susceptible to Pitta type diseases: inflammation, kidney and adrenal stress and metabolic disorders such as thyroid disease. And they would benefit from a Pitta Pacifying diet: Vegetarian or little lean meats, eating meals slowly and regularly and avoiding adrenal stressors such as caffeine and alcohol. 

Dr. D’Adamo is definitely on the right tract with The Blood Type Diet. But, Ayurveda is a complete system with its origins steeped in over 5,000 years of wisdom. I came across an excellent paper by New Zealand Ayurvedic Practitioner Yolande Manson (A.M.D., N.D.) comparing Ayurveda and the BTD. She published an excellent comparison paper of BTD and Ayurveda that I think is Very informative. We both agree that the BTD has potential, but look forward to how it truly develops in the next 4,585 years. Happy Reading! =)


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  1. Rachel says:

    I’m Type O! This is interesting! 🙂

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