Vitamins From Food: You Have to Watch This Video!

A recent interview with nutritionist Kimberly Snyder reminds us about the Ayurvedic Approach to Food & Nutrients. 

In this short video, Kimberly presents a 5 Day Vitamin Plan to jumpstart different Bodily organ systems by increasing the Vitamins THROUGH FOOD! 

 I am in FULL support of this type of approach where we first Revaluate our Diet and Food Intake by looking at the Vitamins & Minerals in our Meals BEFORE taking Supplements. Yes, Whole Food Vitamin Supplements can be very effective but both Western and Eastern Medicine practitioners agree that Vitamins are more Bioavailable, more Balanced and Best absorbed via a Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet. 

Just like Ayurveda recommends…

So, take 5 min and watch this video. Feel free to comment below or contact me with questions or requests for consults. I specialize in creating meal plans that bolster vitamins and minerals for nutrient optimization. 



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